Create an Identity Safe ZoneŠ

Compliance with the Identity Theft Prevention Laws is not a choice, it is a Legal Requirement. This is the next wave of government compliance facing the veterinary industry. Failure to protect private information can lead to Identity Theft or other harm to your clients – and also can harm your practice. PrivacyEdge has the perfect compliance solution to protect your veterinary business and your client’s private information!

An "Identity Safe Zone" fulfills your compliance requirements by creating an environment where your Clients Know, Trust and are Confident that you are doing everything in your power to protect their private information from the devastating harms of Identity Theft.

"FTC Mandated Identity-Theft Prevention Training!"

PrivacyEdge, LLC is a training and consulting organization that specializes in Information Privacy and Security in the Veterinary Industry. PrivacyEdge works with veterinary practices helping them protect their client’s and staff member’s private information. Since 2007, the PrivacyEdge has been assisting practices in complying with federal and state privacy laws.

We provide online training with real-world scenarios and exercises that are relative to the veterinary industry.

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Let us assist you in meeting the FTC compliance requirements by certifying the principals and employees in your practice with our step-by-step guidelines and online training.

"The Path to Information Privacy and Security Compliance is through Risk Mitigation."

The PrivacyEdge helps veterinary practices to reduce the risk of Private Personal Information from falling into the wrong hands as well as making it harder for identity thieves to use that information illegally in your practice. We also help you to comply with all of the Information Privacy and Security Laws established by the:

  • Safeguards Rule
  • Disposal Rule
  • Credit Card Truncation Act
  • Breach Notification Act
  • Restricted Use of Social Security Number Act
  • State Identity Theft Prevention Act (if applicable)
  • State Board of Veterinary Medicine Requirements (if applicable)

"The Government Requires It and Clients Expect It."

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Veterinary Practices can learn more about their requirements
by watching the Federal Trade Commission’s Interactive Tutorial at

PrivacyEdge-u-cation Meets the FTC Mandate
to Train All Staff Members

PrivacyEdge Identity Theft Protection Training "Hi! I'm HOOTIE!"

"My name stands for 'How One Outsmarts Thieves Is Education.' I am a PrivacyEdge-u-cator helping Veterinary Practices to comply with Information Privacy and Security Rules. PrivacyEdge-u-cation equips you with the knowledge to solve your Information Privacy and Security requirements."

Here's how it works and why it works so well:
  • Veterinary Specific
  • On-Demand (24/7)
  • Consistency of Training
  • Interactive Learning
  • Self-paced and Self-directed
  • Focuses on Practical Application


  • Click here to read the DVM Newsmagazine Article by James Iafe, VMD, CITRMS "Veterinary Client Information Breaches Have Consequences."

For more information, please contact The PrivacyEdge at 724-473-1176.

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